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 Finding Your Perfect Bed  Choosing a bed is not an easy decision, or one to be taken lightly. Each of us is unique and Burgess will endeavour to make your chosen mattress unique to your needs enabling you to have the perfect nights sleep. The purchase of a mattress quite rightly a the most self indulgant furniture process and an opportunity to spoil yourself with pure luxury. A Burgess mattress is guaranteed for 10 years, that is 3,650 nights... sleep is so imporant for our health, welbeing and happiness, it's worth buying the best mattress you can afford.   Take you time, try the mattress in your usual sleeping positions, turn over, move around. This way you will really tell if this is the right bed / mattress for you.   If your new perfect mattress is a Burgess - great, welcome to Burgess.. if not, no problem maybe next time and sleep well, keep well.   

We spend over an third of our lives in bed and the health benefits of having that perfect nights sleep have been proven time and time again. We believe that a Burgess Mattress can do this for you. Spend time choosing your bed. 
Consider your weight when choosing between Burgess’ Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm mattresses. Take into account your height, as well as the size of your room, when deciding how big your bed needs to be. And of course, every persons idea of comfort is different so be sure to choose the mattress that gives you the best. 
Consider the base your mattress is to go on. A sprung base compliments the mattress, yet a slatted or padded top base will make your mattress feel firmer. 
Mattress Support guidelines: 
Up to 11 stone (70kg) soft 
11 – 16 stone (70kg – 102kg) medium 
16 – 20 stone (102kg – 127kg) firm 
20 Stone + (127kg +) extra firm 
“You need just two things in life, a good mattress and a good pair of shoes as you are either in one or the other” 
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